Wateau guitars

Mathieu Wateau

Mathieu Wateau is a French luthier whose workshop Wateau Guitars is located in Berlin-Pankow.
Since 2015 his customers have appreciated him as a professional consultant regarding both repairs and construction. Mathieu manufactures mainly acoustic steel string guitars, but also electric guitars and basses. With passion he produces between 4 and 6 instruments per annum, either following his own inspiration or the desires and ideas of his customers.
As a perfectionist, each instrument is unique and of an irreproachable quality. Combining strength and lightness, his guitars offer a rich, powerful and balanced sound, mixed with a sober and distinguished aesthetic.

The HGGS gives me, as a Berlin luthier, the great opportunity to get in touch with a larger public and establish new contacts. I’m looking forward to presenting my instruments and discussing them both with the visitors to the exhibition and with the most important guitar builders in the world.