Seth Baccus Guitars

Seth Baccus
United Kingdom

Seth Baccus Guitars build heirloom quality instruments, crafted to inspire.
Using a blend of old-world hand skills and modern precision technology, each guitar is built with pride and dedication. This is a labour of love.
The Stepson of legendary luthier Andy Manson, Seth has grown up surrounded by guitars and sawdust. Working for bands such as Led Zeppelin, Muse, Rage Against The Machine, Seth Baccus has over 20 years industry experience at the top level. Seth Baccus Guitars are a proud EGB member and HGGS exhibitor.

I love building guitars. I grew up around them, the smell of sawdust and glue smells like home to me. It’s a great honour to be in someway involved in the crazy world of music and especially to exhibit at The Holy Grail Show.