Thomas Guitars

Nikolaus Eilken & Thomas Orgler
Thomas Guitars is a small Workshop located in Bolzano, Italy dedicated to the art of handmade guitars. The two Luthiers Thomas Orgler and Nikolaus Eilken teamed up in 2010 for the purpose of creating the highest quality Acoustic Guitars, which combine a clear direct sound, easy playability and a modern design. All Instruments are built one at a time using only the best quality Tonewoods as they cut spruce in a three day window in the winter with great attention to the phase of the moon, letting the woods naturally dry and season for years to guarantee the best tonal characteristics.
We are a two man Workshop located in Bolzano, Italy, addicted to the art of handcrafted acoustic guitars. We always enjoyed the HGGS because of its high standard of Instruments and its international flair. As this is the last time, we feel honored to take part and looking forward to be there and present our latest creations.