Söderlund Guitars

John Soderlund
South Africa
For the past decade, John Söderlund has been dreaming up the most ground-breaking, elegant and sonically delicious guitars he can imagine. He hand builds each instrument using prime African and international tonewoods in his workshop in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Then he sells each one-off creation to other dreamers.
His wildest dreams have thus far produced:
The Kestrel, a radical acoustic design featuring a relocated sound hole that incorporates one of the world’s most serviceable neck/heel joints; The Loerie, an ergonomic electric design to provide more comfortable seated playing;
unusual combinations of little-known tonewoods never before seen on a guitar.
Luthery is, for me, an endless thrill. The woods, the innovations and the pursuit of the ultimate tone are all consuming. Frankly, I am a guitar junkie. By extension, the opportunity to display my work alongside the giants of international luthery at HGGS is the ultimate high.