Stoll Guitars

Christian Stoll & Bastian Ortner

Welcome to our Holy Couch showroom in Waldems/Germany. I am Christian Stoll, a luthier with about 40 years of experience and more than 2.000 guitars built at my workshop. My focus is and always was on tone. Thinking out of the box resulted in instruments like The Legendary Acoustic Bass (since 1986), Double Fun, the rerversible double neck guitar or the STOLL Curved Double A Bracing, which allows for more sound in a smaller body.
Since 2012 I am accompanied by Bastian Ortner, who will soon become my partner and later on my successor.

This year we will show you some very special guitars. First of all we are going to introduce the reclaimed parlour guitar, made by Bastian, of an old whiskey barrel, a bar counter and former salmon traps.

Further there will be a model completely new developed by Bastian, which he has built in two different variations, both with fanned frets, cutaway and shark-tooth inlays©. One made of Indian Rosewood with a beautiful bear claw Sitka top and fret board inlays of bone, the other one of Purple Heart with corresponding fret board inlays.
Last but least we show The Duke. Invented and built by me, The Duke is a new acoustic bass with an arched top, smaller in size but not in sound compared to the Legendary Acoustic Bass.

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