Sega Guitars

Sergiusz Stańczuk
Philosopher, luthier, songwriter, jeweler. Since 2012 Sergiusz has been building acoustic guitars in his workshop in Warsaw, Poland. He has learned to build instruments (classical guitars and violins) for 13 years in Poznań, under the guidance of his master and friend – Marek Gordziej. To build his guitars, in addition to traditional materials, he uses silver, gold flakes or pieces of amber, thus combining jewelery with guitar making. Therefore his instruments are unparalleled works of art. Each guitar is built by hand, using only basic tools, becoming a record of a given moment of his creation.
I know from my luthier colleagues that this is a great event, offering unforgettable experience for guitar builders. For me it will also be the opportunity to learn about the work of other luthiers. I feel that I am ready to introduce my guitars to the wider public.