Paul Belgrado Stringed Instruments

Paul Belgrado
Paul Belgrado started professionally in 1989 and works from his home workshop near Brussels.
 Still in school at the age of 16 inspired by a book, he experimented roughly by building some basic instruments. He started to play in bands and bought a few major brand guitars and basses. Never really satisfied with them, he was customising his own gear and this evolved into an obsession and finally into a profession. These days his designs are based on traditional styles and he tries to mix these in a way that makes them look a bit different and feel like something players are used to.
Playability, ergonomics, sound and looks are very important to him. Years of playing, tweaking, repairing and building basses and guitars for a variety of customers have given him a good idea what to incorporate into his designs. Every one of his instruments is a carefully crafted, reliable tool for musical creativity!
Participating for the first time in the HGGS 2020 is exiting . It’s like a trip to a “guitar builders theme park” with so many inspiring rides. Having the opportunity of presenting  my carefully crafted instruments and meeting other builders and players will be a wonderful experience !