Ernie Rissmann

Ernie got infected by the guitar-building-virus in 1978 when he built his first guitar. There were no instructions only a huge fascination and enthusiasm that stayed with him till now. After years as a musician he started his apprenticeship with master luthier Hartmut Hegewald in 1992 and he has been in the business since then. In his all-wooden workshop he is building no more than two instruments at a time. This makes every instrument a unique piece of art, built with the best materials, with as much care as possible, and in close collaboration with the future owner.

As a guitar-maniac I´m looking forward to meeting all the other guitarlovers, talking, sharing, having a good time. That´s why I’m exhibiting my guitars at the HGGS – the best opportunity I can imagine!

Photo Copyright: lichtgestalterin.de (instrument photos 1 and 2 )