Ernie Rissmann

Ernie got infected by the guitar-building-virus in 1978 when he built his first guitar. There were no instructions only a huge fascination and enthusiasm that stayed with him till now. After years as a musician he started his apprenticeship with master luthier Hartmut Hegewald in 1992 and he has been in the business since then. In his all-wooden workshop he is building no more than two instruments at a time. This makes every instrument a unique piece of art, built with the best materials, with as much care as possible, and in close collaboration with the future owner.

I´m very sad that the HGGS 2020 had to be cancelled! I was looking forward to exhibiting ther for the first time and meeting all the folks in the wonderful guitar community. My special two HGGS guitars are in the finishing process right now so the featured guitar picture shows a built from the last year…its for sale. Contact me if you like it!

As a guitar-maniac I´m looking forward to meeting all the other guitarlovers, talking, sharing, having a good time. That´s why I’m exhibiting my guitars at the HGGS – the best opportunity I can imagine!

Photo Copyright: lichtgestalterin.de (instrument photos 1 and 2 )