McNally Guitars

Ciaran McNally
United Kingdom

Ciaran McNally is an Irish acoustic guitar maker, currently working in the UK. He made his first guitar at the age of 16 and has since gone on to study at guitar making at schools in Belfast & London, and has also worked for two of the best known luthiers in the UK/Ireland.
His guitars are the result of 13 years of development with the aim of combining the Irish and American styles of guitar building. His goal is to create versatile and inspiring guitars, where the quality of the wood, design and build create a voice that speaks for itself.

I was planning on exhibiting the first model to feature a new original ‘McNally Guitars’ inlay package that will be available to order with any model from 2021.
This inlay is known as ‘Celtic Ivy’, features free flowing Celtic patterns that trail from the head-stock through the fret-board, and link into the rosette ring. The motif is also echoed discretely in the bridge.
The particular guitar is an Adirondack/Figured Walnut OM which features abalone trim around the entire body.
This guitar may be available for sale, but I am also tempted to hold on to it as a show guitar. If anyone is extremely interested though please get in touch.
There are also several of my guitars currently available through reputable dealers with a strong online presence, so you can be confident in buying unseen.
Like many people Corona virus changed my future plans quite drastically. I had planned to move back to Northern Ireland from England in November of this year but brought this forward in order to be closer to family. I am currently setting up a temporary workshop to continue with the guitars scheduled for this year. I am still aiming to have a new permanent workshop setup on the other side Corona virus to start work on next year’s guitars.
Any guitars ordered before September 2020 will be honoured on this year’s pricelist.
The ‘Celtic Ivy’ is still to be completed at the time of writing this, but I hope to have it done before the virtual show, and I will take a video to show you all.
The other guitars I planned to exhibit with were due to be loaned back to me from a customer in Germany.
If anyone planning to attend the show would like to connect more personally, I am open to skype/video or phone calls to discuss my work.

Wishing you all good health,