Nordic Guitars

Bjørn Egelund Rønnow

Nordic Guitars was established in 2015 by Bjørn Rønnow, who beside his jobs as a yoga teacher and handyman has always been interested in developing musical instruments. His vision is to give guitar- and bassplayers more opportunities for musical expression. ROTATOR is the name of this instrument, and the shown version is a 4 string fretted/4 string fretless bass. By rotating the necks 180 degrees, you can bring either the one or the other fretboard up in normal playing position. By playing the two fretboards together, using tapping, plucking and picking, you can create a musical whole, spontaneously, with one instrument.

When I first heard about the Holy Grail Show in 2016, I thought: This is the place for my instruments! At that time I was not ready at all with my skills and instruments, but now after building several ROTATOR – prototypes, I feel ready and very happy to be a part of this show.