Morrissey Guitars

Patrick Morrissey
United States of America (USA)
Patrick Morrissey has been building guitars for nearly 20 years and woodworking his whole life. His father was a craftsman and working along side him as a young boy he learned the skills necessary for fine woodworking. Of course, at the time he was unaware how these skills would serve him so well. In 2001 he began his guitar making under the guidance of Master Luthier Thomas Knatt. Even at the outset of his new passion he strived for excellence. Every guitar he builds has to inspire, it wants to be played, it beckons to be heard.
I’m so fortunate to do what I love every day. I’m so excited to exhibit my work at the HGGS. It’s an honour and privilege to be joining some the finest luthiers in the world. And I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones.