Lanzi Guitars & Amplification

Gabriel Lanzi
Industrial Designer Luthier. His huge passion for automobiles led him to study Industrial Design with the goal of becoming a Car Designer. During the course of his studies he blended them with his other passions: art, design and music.
The mixture of his passions and influences, has given him a unique style. Taking the DNA of legendary instruments, and reinterpreting them with his own design language, with a perfectionist manufacturing. With 11 years of experience building instruments, he has found perfect balance between art, design and technique he was always looking for: this is why he loves what he does.
In my student days, I wanted a bass and had no money for it. I decided to build one. That’s how it began. The search to achieve the most beautiful and useful tools for musicians is something that I love. I want to share it in the HGGS.