Meisterwerkstatt für Gitarrenbau | Daniel Zucali

Daniel Zucali

Daniel’s passion is building classical guitars in various sizes, types and shapes. He loves the fine, meticulously accurate, down to the smallest detail thought through and designed work far from the mainstream. This includes multi-strings with up to 18 strings, guitars of different tunings and sizes, from the octave guitar to the bass guitar. Also crossover guitars and even archtop jazz guitars with nylon strings are made in his studio. Since Daniel’s successful apprenticeship as a “Streich- und Saiteninstrumentenmacher” (1995) he has concentrated on guitar making.

From an early age I was fascinated by beautiful wood, music and craftsmanship. Since 1995 I have been living my dream of designing, building and developing new guitars. At the HGGS there are so many free spirits in one place that the trip to Berlin is always very exciting.