Ivanov Guitars

Dontcho Ivanov
Dontcho Ivanov is a guitar builder based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He learned to build classical and flamenco guitars in the Spanish tradition with Hugues Lefort and steel-string guitars in the Californian style with Mario Beauregard. From his background as a classical guitarist, Dontcho inherited the obsession of sound. Tone, playability, aesthetics and longevity are his main concerns. In his cozy workshop, Dontcho builds primarily Nylon and Steel string guitars. They are handcrafted with meticulous precision and care from the finest quality wood. His instruments show a remarkably high quality of acoustic response and craftsmanship.
I am so proud and excited to exhibit my creations at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, one of the most prestigious and unique guitar shows in the world.

Photo Copyright: Robert Bock (instrument photos 1 & 2), Nicole Alosinac (workshop photo)