Martin Duwe
When Martin Duwe was twelve years old, his first stringed instrument was a triangular one.
Since then his passion for craftsmanship  have never stopped.
In his workshop in Mainz only outstanding classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars are created, but also specialities such as special travel guitars, silent for the hotel or foldable for the plane.
Guitar and musician should fit well together. Therefore Martin Duwe puts great effort into individual consultation. It is about what is being played and how the customer envisions his instrument. This results in beautiful personal favourites that his customers’ compositions have been waiting for.
Building guitars is a passion, not a job. The fascination of creating something out of different woods that does not only look beautiful but also sounds wonderful to pleasure many people, are facets of this profession that inspire me. HGGS is the perfect place to share my passion with colleagues.
Photo Copyright: Parallel Dreams (workshop 1); Heike Rost (instrument 2 and workshop 2)