Gitarren Meckbach

Martin Meckbach
Martin opened his shop “Gitarren Meckbach” in Berlin in 2015 after 20 years of experience within the guitar world. His luthier path started when he built his first guitar with the book “Classic Guitar Construction” by Irving Sloane, and became professional end of the 1990s at the master luthier workshop of Albert & Müller. Since his first own model creations and meantime employments at several major brand guitar distributors, manufacturers and retailers (Gibson, Hofner, Hagstrom and others) he was more than ready to go his own luthier way full-time. He loves the beauty of acoustic guitar sound and shapes.
At previous Holy Grail Guitar Shows, I met great luthiers and could find extraordinary guitars made by them. I’m very much looking forward to showing my own creations this time, meeting new customers and my old luthier friends again!
Photo copyright: Frank Löhmer (portraits & tool board); Martin Meckbach (parlor guitars)