CGIG – Guitars

Christoph Garwels

CGIG stands for Christoph Garwels Individual Guitars. Christoph started his business in 2013 near Bremen in northern Germany and he’s been constantly working on new ideas and models since. As a result, he has been steadily expanding his knowledge and skills in order to be able to break new ground.
The electric guitar is a combination of many materials, and Christoph knows how to shape, refine and adapt them to the needs of the customer. Through the interplay of modern technology to obtain the highest degree of precision, and the craftsmanship, each instrument is manufactured with the utmost care and passion.

Fascinated about the possibilities in guitar making, from shaping the sound to the design, this craft inspired me immediately. It’s a great honour to exhibit at the Holy Grail Guitar Show and I’m delighted to introduce myself and my work and share ideas.