Battiston Guitar

Tino Battiston

Tino started his education in woodworking as a cabinet maker in 1997. From 2004, step by step, he has worked and studied the art of guitar-making beside the master guitar maker Kazuo Sato. Since 2007 Tino has been living his dream by opening his own company in Siersburg and finally building his very own guitars. For Tino playability and acoustic properties are the main ingredients to meet the customer’s wishes. Battiston’s authentic energy remains in every guitar! He is always excited to hear the very first notes and emotions from one of his creations as it comes to life in his own hands.

It’s a priviledge for me to be part again of this exceptional world of “Lutherie” together with the HGGS. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet many others passionate people to exchange and share our vision about this “Art de vie”.