Ralph Bonte

Arrenbieguitars (read as R&B) was founded by Ralph Bonte in 2005. He makes flattop steelstrings, electrics, archtops, mandolins, bouzouki’s, ukeleles and Weissenborns. Customers praise him for his high quality craftmanship. He’s an advocate of using only the best materials. He received his training in CMB (Center for Musicalinstruments Building Puurs) and has been on board as a teacher for the last 10 years. Each commission starts with an insight into what the customer is searching for and tone is always the highest objective. In 2019 he moved his house and workshop to a new location, which slowed down guitarmaking. But 2020 is promising.

This will be my third time exhibiting at the Holy Grail. Since it’s the last one, I need to participate.

Photo Copyright:  Alain Meesen (portrait and workshop photo) and Maxime Ruiz (instrument photos)