Spalt Instruments

Michael Spalt

Michael Spalt’s GUITaRT pieces represent the essence of the artisanal craft, where a simple tool becomes a unique piece of liveable art, never loosing sight of its essential quality as musical instrument. His most recent installation pieces have gained acclaim at NAMM and other shows across the globe. Michael will show you more of these outstanding guitars, in combination with new creations of the work he has become known for. Michael creates instruments of the highest standards, singular tools designed to please the ear and eye, to entice the musician to pick them up, and to enchant and inspire the player with their feel and tone.

The featured piece is ‘Toshiro’s Lady’ and more about it can be found on or contact us directly for pricing and other available instruments!

Starting with a rough piece of wood and ending up with a finished instrument is an exciting and rewarding adventure. What better place than The Holy Grail Guitar Show for sharing this experience, and to celebrate with the players these guitars are made for?