Sangirardi e Cavicchi

Giulio Sangirardi & Giulia Cavicchi
They claim that their guitars are a blend of innovation and tradition. Sangirardi e Cavicchi build steel and nylon string guitars in the Spanish traditional way, only wood and hot hide glue and fish glue. Giulio and Giulia personally produce and apply their varnishes, being it shellac, boiled linseed oil or amber The two luthiers mostly make finger-style guitars, with modern features like multiscale fretboards soundport, true temperament system and some very traditional features like the Spanish heel joint. They build up to 8 guitars per year near Bologna, in the north of Italy.
You are very welcome to write us or even ring (Tel: 0039 331 6894793), we do speak English.
If you prefer, you can fill the contact form on our website, we normally answer within one hour.
Innovation and tradition is our motto. 19th century building methods meet 21th century solutions.