Pagelli Gitarrenbau

Claudio Pagelli & Claudia Pagelli

The Pagellis, Claudia and Claudio, celebrated their 40 year anniversary in 2019. So not many words to lose here… you should know them by now. The mothers (and fathers…) of invention and style! At the HGGS they will present their new and spectacular 40 year anniversary acoustic guitar along with the mind-blowing «SM» semi-electric guitar. Another milestone that shows in perfection why they are in the Avantgarde of guitar making and members of the «Luthier Beyond Limits» collective.
And – thanks to corona with no possibility to deliver the guitar to the client – they will present you the new and superb Bowtop Guitar!
And last but not least: The Gringobeat semi electric, the perfect link between Rock’n’roll and Jazz!

TThe HGGS is THE perfect event to show high-class instruments to an audience with knowledge. It is also a great event to see where and how the guitar craft evolved in the past decades. You won’t find a higher quality of exhibitors under the same roof… so better not miss it.

Photo Copyright: Nicola Pitaro (workshop photos)