Teuffel Guitars

Ulrich Teuffel established his company in 1988. In 1995 he came out with a line of conceptional instruments such as the birdfish, tesla and niwa and antonio. Despite their modern appearance these guitars always follow the construction principle of Leo Fender, Ulrich’s idol. His instruments do their job in several museums as well as in…

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Soultool Guitars

Soultool customized Guitars Switzerland manufactures high-end electric guitars. The factory is located close to the Lake Zurich, about 50 km away from Zurich City. Soultool customized Guitars Switzerland was founded in the spring of 1998, but long before that they carried out a high volume of repairs and updates on electric guitars. In order to…

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Orn Guitars

Gunnar has been designing and building guitars since 2000. Based in Reykjavik, he works in close conjunction with his customers, sharing his passion and inspiration to provide guitars that are designed to work as an extension of themselves in their guitar playing. He collaborates with local artists and craftsmen to create guitars that both look…

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