Jost Von Huene Guitars

Jost Von Huene

Getting infected by the guitar-making-virus as a teenager, Jost von Huene just started to build guitars at home. He then apprenticed with Wolfgang Amman and studied instrument making in Markneukirchen. He opened his own workshop in Dresden in 2007. Since then he has specialised in making traditional and modern nylon strings. In recent years he has concentrated on the development of a modern crossover guitar- the Ellipse. The heart of this guitar is a special double top to give a good acoustic projection and resistance to feedback. Reentko, Jule Malischke, Silvio Schneider and others are playing the Ellipse around the world.

Its a great challenge to me to create something beautiful in order to give musicans a tool to express themselves and to touch people’s hearts. I am looking forward to joining the Holy Grail Guitar Show, meeting wonderful makers and guitar lovers from all over the world.