Kristall Basses

Andreas Kristall
It’s all about the bass! Andi Kristall used to be a pro bassplayer and a salesman for electric basses for over 15 years before he started making basses by himself. This grants him the ability to understand the needs and wishes of his customers. To evolve the best possible musical voice of his customers is the very motor of his work. He expertly obtains the perfect balance between the desired sound, ergonomics, playability, and design. And he is doing his excellent craft with a lot of sense, passion, fun, and pride. Any question about a bass? Go and ask Andi!
The HGGS is probably the best show of this kind on the planet. Creativity, experience, individualism, diligence, talent, passion, innovation, tradition, art and more can be found here at the highest level. Of course I want to exhibit here. I’m very proud to be there.