JJ Guitars

Jeffrey Guilford
United Kingdom

JJ Guitars is an established UK electric guitar manufacturer with an industry reputation for sonic quality. Jeff Guilford comes from a family background of precision engineering; working in his father’s workshop from a very young age. Having received his first guitar at the age of six, by the age of eleven, music and guitar had taken hold. With academic degrees in music and guitar performance, it was inevitable that engineering and music would eventually meet.
JJ Guitars manufacture for leading artists and musicians around the world and remain as a family concern with son Richard, and Jeff’s wife Carolyn.

It was an honour to represent the United Kingdom at the initial press conference and launch of The Holy Grail Guitar show, Berlin November 2013. It is a greater honour to be exhibiting at the show with all the talented guitar makers from around the world. Fuelled by relentless passion and more, we continue to traditionally produce the finest hand crafted instruments and globally serve the most demanding of musicians. We have a saying here at JJ Guitars: “Never chase the money, chase the passion”.