Deimel Guitarworks

Frank Deimel & Kora Jünger

For this year Holy Grail Guitar Show we built an artist edition twin set consisting of a Deimel Firestar guitar and bass as part of an ocean-spanning creative collaboration with guitar maker and inlay artist Grit Laskin.
This Deimel Firestar Artist Edition »GAME CHANGER« is a tribute to all kids that have fought and are currently fighting for their ideas and rights around the globe.

For more information on this project and our detailed virtual schedule for 2-3 May incl. a conversation between Grit Laskin and Kora + Frank of Deimel Guitarworks, please visit our website:


Deimel Guitarworks is Frank Deimel and Kora Jünger, working with one employee as a team on their unique custom guitars. Based on vintage design cues, temporary handcraft quality, artworks and unique electronic features melt into new creatures of meaningful tools for the musician of today. Frank Deimel has been building guitars since his early adolescence and started his professional business in 1998. Since 2007 the artist Kora Jünger expanded the companies profile with her particular expertise for design and visual approaches. Customers are among others Lee Ranaldo, The National, Klaxons, Wishbone Ash, Tocotronic.

The HGGS is the utmost place for  the hand crafted guitar and we are proud to be part of carrying forward the history of guitars on such a beautiful platform.

Photo Copyright: Frederike van der Straeten (workshop photos)