Bigfoot Guitars

Karan Singh

Bigfoot Guitars is a representation and celebration of the finest handcrafted guitars made in India. Run by luthier Karan Singh, the focus is on creating a highly responsive and deeply moving fingerstyle guitar. Karan has been mentored by Master builder Jason Kostal, and has applied his voicing techniques to a lot of new and unique tonewood species, which are as yet undiscovered and unexplored in the acoustic guitar realm. He strives to build guitars out of sustainable materials, giving them a unique tonal and aesthetic character. Expect to hear a loud and resonant guitar, very evenly balanced across the spectrum, with a solid low end and fat trebles. Great for strumming, perfect for fingerstyle playing!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show has been my favourite since I first attended in 2016. There are so many happy memories that I associate with it. I cannot wait to return #onelasttime!