Andre Instruments

Thierry André

The unique works created by Thierry Andre combine the expression of a traditional and impeccable craftsmanship, with the freer approach to artistic work. A specialist of the steel string acoustic guitar, his body of work also reflects his love for electric, archtop, and historical instruments. Often using new forms based on proven foundations, Thierry is known for creating guitars with a distinctive and timeless character, each displaying the visual attributes of the past / present, while offering a captivating voice with expansive qualities. As a one-man operation, he has produced 5 to 6 unique pieces each year since 1998.

This ‘guitar show’ is also a celebration of craftsmanship, of human work, that expresses itself beyond the profitable market. This is a unique opportunity to feel its pulse, as well as yours, most likely!

Photo Copyright: Jean Fitzgerald (instrument photos) and Anne-Marie Amyot (portrait and workshop photos)