Dear Show Visitor,

below you find some answers to commonly asked questions. Should they not answer your question please contact us!

Who is the Show for?

All guitar lovers are welcome.

Do I need to register in advance?

No, visitors do not need to register. You can, however, buy your entrance ticket in advance! If you are a member of the press please contact us.

Which guitar builders will exhibit?

The list of exhibitors be available at a later date.

I don't see a luthier I saw last time. Why?

We live in the golden age of the handmade guitar – never before have there been so many luthiers making guitars at such a high level of quality and inventiveness. To better reflect this richness and diversity, The Holy Grail Guitar Show employs a rotating exhibitor concept: each year our roster of builders will feature many exhibitors from the previous edition, but also many new faces.

How will I find the luthier I want to see? There are so many!

A catalogue (free of charge) with a complete listing of the luthiers includes a floor plan of the Show which will allow you to quickly find the exhibitor you are looking for.

Can I bring my personal guitar to show it?

No. Only instruments by exhibitors and Instrument Demo performers can be taken into the Show area.

Can I buy an instrument at the Show?

Yes you can. You are even encouraged to do so, since this will be the only occasion where you can compare so many masterpieces to find the guitar of your dreams. Please keep in mind that purchases are arranged directly with the exhibitor without any involvement by the Show organizer. Payment and delivery details are up to each exhibitor.

Who is organizing the Show?

The European Guitar Builders association (EGB), a community of European luthiers, has initiated this grass roots effort and is bringing this Show to you. The Holy Grail Guitar Show is organized largely on a volunteer basis with the aim of promoting and presenting the hand built guitar to the larger public.

What makes The Holy Grail Guitar Show special?

The Holy Grail Guitar Show is an exhibition (‘Ausstellung’). Comparable to an art exhibit, it turns the spotlight fully on the luthier and his/her instruments. It is the annual highlight for the guitar aficionado, a Show from luthiers for guitar lovers! It is not a trade fair (‘Messe’).  This is also the reason that you will not find suppliers of guitar parts and accessories at the HGGS.

What is the Show concept?

The Show concept was designed to create an interesting and appealing event for the visitors and to advance the art of lutherie, presenting the visitor with a wide variety of builds at different pricepoints.
– A versatile mix of luthiers from as many countries as possible.
– Innovative solutions, great craftsmanship and new concepts are some of the points we look for, as well as quality and originality.

Can I take photos or make videos?

If you want to take photos or make videos for personal use you may do so, but please ask exhibitors’ permission as well. For professional use and/or publication please request a press accreditation.

Why are there no suppliers of guitar parts and accessories at the HGGS?

After careful consideration we realized that the limelight of this event must be aimed completely at the luthiers and their instruments. Think of the HGGS as an art exhibition with the added element of music, where the visitor can meet his/her favorite builder in a unique, relaxed atmosphere without distractions. Therefore, only luthiers can exhibit at the HGGS. We are not, however, forgetting or diminishing the value of our suppliers. They are invited to support us through their sponsorship, so that we can exhibit our instruments in a meaningful way. We warmly welcome our suppliers to visit the Show, meet the luthiers, and most of all, to witness the miraculous transformation from raw materials and parts to unique musical instruments. 

Is there a bank/Bankomat nearby?

There is a Bankomat at the Estrel Foyer.

Where can I stay in Berlin?

Berlin offers a large variety of hotels for any budget. Contact the Estrel Hotel directly if you want to  be at the event hotel. Other lodging can be found through traveling and hotel search engines.

What else is there to do in Berlin?

This is the main Berlin Information website, for events, general info etc.:

Is there a train station nearby?

Yes, there’s a trainway station almost across Estrel, called Sonnenallee. For more info see:

Is there parking at the Estrel?

Yes. For more information click here.

Is there a map?

You can find a map and traveling details here:

What else is there to know?

Please pay attention to the Estrel House rules, especially the non-smoking rule!
Please do not bring bulky bags or backpacks or carry-ons to the exhibit.