Poljakoff Gitarren

Jakob Poljakoff & Alexander Bua
Finding yourself a new guitar isn’t an easy job. Likewise, it’s not easy to make one. Should you have the chance to hold a Poljakoff guitar in your hands, you will recognise immediately, that this instrument is very special. The trebles are sparkling high and the bass is rich and full. Combined with this extraordinary playability, you could play for hours and get challenged by the instrument each time you pick it up. Moving on with your eyes and fingers, you will be fascinated by the attention to detail and finish the Poljakoff Brothers are known for as well.
Work as a luthier is a perfect combination of craft and art. Both of us, Alexander and I, decided to become professional luthiers after working as pattern makers for several years. We now complement each other perfectly in the workshop and we are looking forward to presenting our work.