Maudal Musical Machines

Martin Maudal
United States of America (USA)
Maudal Musical Machines – eye candy for your ears, established in 2006 Maudal Musical Machines began with the concept of producing guitars with woods that the luthier knew from when they were living trees. Thus, these instruments aren’t a packaged plastic-wrapped product. They were living things; ecosystems in themselves. There is always evidence of this in every instrument, with a bit of what the Japanese call wabi sabi – perfection in imperfection. Maudal Musical Machines are a blend of this artistic ethos and the precise engineering necessary for a beautifully-playing and sounding instrument. Guitars are what work is for.
“Modern man does not experience himself as a part of nature but as an outside force destined to dominate and conquer it. ” E F Schumacher
The calling I have found in lutheiry leads me in the opposite direction. I seek to create the most beauty using the least resources.