2020 Event and Ticket Shop Terms and Conditions

(courtesy translation)

May 2 – 3, 2020
Estrel Berlin


The European Guitar Builders e.V.
Wirtschaftsweg 5
15377 Märkische Höhe, OT Ringenwalde
Vereinsreg. Nr. VR323728

By purchasing a ticket online or at the door the buyer accepts these terms and conditions. Should the ticket be given to a third party it is the buyer’s responsibility to make this person aware of these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions for the event are available on the website https://www.holygrailguitarshow.com and will also be available at the door.


§ 1 Contract and tickets
(1) The order for the event is completed when the buyer chooses the number and type of tickets, accepts these terms and conditions and chooses the payment method as well as completes the payment process.
(2) After sending/transmitting the order and payment the buyer receives a confirmation via email with information on how to download the electronic/digital ticket. The contract is confirmed when the buyer pays the ticket and receives the order confirmation.
(3) Should any unforeseen problems arise during this process please contact info@holygrailguitarshow.com.

§ 2 Pricing, payment and cancellation
(1) The total price for the ticket indicated in the ticket shop includes the advance booking fee and any payment fee by third parties that may apply for the payment method selected, as well as the VAT of 19% required by law.
(2) The payment can only be completed through the online payment methods shown in the ticket shop. Payments are processed through the online platform Mollie.
(3) The total amount for the order is due immediately.
(4) Ticket purchases are final and cannot be cancelled. Tickets are also exempt from refunds or exchanges.

§ 3 Collection and use of data
(1) The data collected during the use of the ticket shop is used for event purposes only.
(2) The buyer agrees that the provided email address may be used for newsletters concerning future events and activities of the organizer.

§ 1 Tickets
(1) Tickets can be purchased online or at the door and are not refundable.
(2) The purchase of a ticket grants the buyer access to the exhibition during the public hours of the day the ticket is issued for (or for both days in the case of the weekend pass). In addition it allows access to the program of public events (Lectures and Instrument Demos) offered during the opening hours, although there is no guarantee that a seat will be available due to the limited number of seats available (first come-first served rule).
(1) In order to facilitate re-entry the ticket holder will receive validation (in the form of a bracelet, stamp or similar token). The ticket will then lose its validity. The bracelet (or other validation) has to be presented at the door upon entry as well as at any time staff asks for it.

§ 2 Minors / Children
(1) Minors / children have to be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Parents are liable for their children.

§ 3 Liability
(1) The organizer is not liable for damages, with the exception of a purposeful disregard of public regulations with regard to the event, damages caused by gross negligence on the part of the organizer and damages resulting from harm to body, life or health.
(2) The visitor understands that Demo Concerts and test cabins can entail an increased exposure to noise.
(3) The limitation of liability of the organizer also extends to any personal liability by members of the association, its representatives or other staff.

§ 4 General Rules
(1) Animals are not allowed in the exhibition area.
(2) Large bags, cases or similar bulky items are not allowed in the exhibition area.
(3) The distribution of advertising or print material and the display or sale of goods without express written permission by the organizer is not permitted.
(4) Visitors must follow the directions given by the organizers, staff, and other security personnel.
(5) The house rules of the location (Estrel Berlin) have to be followed. The Estrel is a non-smoking building.
(6) No outside food or drinks may be taken into the exhibition areas.
(7) Visitors wanting to take photos or videos must ask exhibitors’ permission to do so, and it is only permissible for personal use. Media persons or other professional visitors require prior accreditation.

§ 5 Denial of entry or removal from the exhibition due to important causes
(1) The organizer has the right to deny entry or continued stay to anyone due to important reasons. This applies especially if the assumption is valid that the visitor is infringing the rules of this event, or if the entry or continued presence of that person endangers the order or safety of the event. In these cases there is no entitlement to a reimbursement of the entry fees paid.
(2) For safety reasons it is possible that there might be waiting times for re-entry to the exhibition or to access certain areas of the exhibition.

§ 6 Cancellation of the event
(1)After purchase, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. In the case of the cancellation or rescheduling of the event, the ticket holder is only entitled to a reimbursement of the paid ticket fee.

§ 7 Program
(1) The organizer has the right, in important cases and without prior notice, to change parts of the exhibition and/or the program. An important reason might be that an exhibitor, artist or lecturer has been delayed or has had to cancel his/her participation due to personal reasons. Such changes do not establish any right to a refund.

§ 8 Contract, applicable law, general terms
(1) The parties of this contract agree on the event location Berlin as location of fulfillment as well as judicial location for any disagreements between parties. This also applies to parties who are not located in Germany.
(2) These event conditions in English are provided as a courtesy translation. In cases of disagreements the legal validity lies solely with the German original text (Veranstaltungsbedingungen) and only German law is applicable.
(3) Should individual parts of these event conditions become invalid or ineffective all other parts of these event conditions remain effective.

Event Conditions, January 5th, 2020.