Hall of Fame

The “Holygrailers”!


10Set-up-AcousticThe Holy Grail Guitar Show is not like other guitar shows. It was conceived and initiated by luthiers as an ideal gathering place for both guitar builders and guitar lovers. But it was also meant to become a focal point for the rich and varied community of guitar makers around the world, connecting them and keeping their work in the public eye. The two Show days are only the beginning of this journey…

Two things became apparent in the wake of the first 2014 Show:

— We can only provide exhibiting space for a small percentage of the deserving builders each year.
— The focus of the Show need not be limited to the two actual show days – it should be an ongoing presence in the lives of the builders and reflect the continuity of their work.

09Set-up_ElectricThe Rotating Exhibitor Concept
For this reason each year’s exhibitor roster will feature some of the previous year’s attendees along with some new faces – the rotating exhibitor concept ensures that more of the world’s guitar makers will have the opportunity to exhibit, and that each year the visitor will be able to discover new builders and new guitars, as well as meet up again with some old friends.
The “Holygrailers”
Once a luthier has exhibited at The Holy Grail Guitar Show, he/she becomes a “Holygrailer” – part of the ever-growing community of builders who have experienced this event. The “Hall of Fame” provides a listing of all Holygrailers, with links to their websites. In this way even builders not currently exhibiting are present and visible.

Revisit here past Shows and reconnect with the exhibitors that impressed you then – see what they have been doing in the meantime!